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This iPhone has been sleeping with the fishes for 6 months and it still works

Modern day smartphones are great at many tasks, but unfortunately, swimming is not among them. Ken Hovanes learned this the hard way when he accidentally dropped his iPhone in a lake about six months ago. The water in the lake was 2m deep and murky back then so Ken gave up on retrieving the device and bought a new iPhone.

Fast forward to more recent times. After finding the lake waters have slightly receded, Ken went to search for his iPhone again. And he found it, still sitting on the bottom. What surprised him most however, is that it still worked.

The battery is dead (you can see the bulge on the back), there’s no Wi-Fi, and the screen is all messed up. The rusty 30-pin port supplies the phone with power, but won’t transfer data just yet. Yes, the newly found iPhone won’t win a beauty contest and it’s hardly usable, but Ken has high hopes (and high chances) of finding a way to offload the photos from the device.

Water damage does not stop this iPhone from working

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