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This CryEngine 3 tech trailer will make your graphics card weep

The original Crysis game, which came out back in the distant 2007, is still used as a benchmark for graphics card performance. The graphics in that game were so ahead of their time that you’ll still find it difficult to run the game maxed out at high resolutions and get 60 fps (of course, not the least due to the game’s poor optimization).

Crysis 2 in comparison was nowhere near as taxing as the first one but with the DirectX 11 patch and high resolution texture pack for the PC it would still push your graphics card to its limits while delivering stunning visuals.

From the short trailers we had seen in the past we know the third iteration in the series was going to look even better. But now Crytek has released a new tech trailer for CryEngine 3 that demoes the various new visual effects in all their glory and should send lesser graphics cards running for cover.

The new games features stunning effects such as real-time volumetric cloud and fog shadows, pixel accurate displacement mapping, tessalted vegetation using DirectX 11, real-time area lights and a lot more. If you have a high end gaming rig, you are in for a treat. The rest of us should start saving up. We have till February 2013, when the game hits retail.



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