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Exploit allows you to completely disable the TouchWiz lokscreen passcode

The latest way to bypass the Galaxy S III/Note II/Note/S II lockscreen has been modified and now allows you to completely disable the devices’ locksceens. We already saw this exploit about three weeks ago, but back then it didn’t appear too dangerous as it only gave the intruder access to what’s on one of your homescreen panes.

Now, however, the author has found a way to use it to gain full control of the smartphone. You’ll need lots of time, patience and precision timing to accomplish this trick, but as you’ll see in a second it’s possible.

Here is how it’s done.

As it turns out lately, there are quite a lot of many ridiculous ways to bypass any lockscreen (look at the iOS). In fact everyone with enough free time, crazy ideas and patience will most probably find a way to bypass any lockscreen.

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