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The Kohjinsha AMD Neo netbook has a dual display… Say what?!

We’ve seen lots of “dual-something” products (did somebody say dual-SIM phones?) but who would guess that there will be a dual-display netbook? Well, there is – the Singaporean company Kohjinsha has just announced one. And we have it caught on video.


OK, a dual-display 17-inch multimedia laptop sounds impressive. But a 10.1″ NETBOOK with two screens… that doesn’t even qualify as odd. What’s the point? Instead of a large enough screen you get a second 10.1-inch screen so your initial display becomes twice as wide.

Anyways, the swivel netbook seems cute and some might find this idea nice. The Kohjinsha seems well equipped – it runs Windows 7 and packs a promising 1.6 GHz AMD Athlon Neo MV-40 processor, up to 4GB RAM and 160GB of storage. When not in use, the second screen is under the other and to start using it, you just have to pull it out. As a result, when folded,  the netbook is considerably thicker than the others of its species.

And there is another deal breaker – the frame. It would’ve been great if there was no frame at all between the two displays or if it was almost invisible. The Kohjinsha netbook isn’t frameless so the displayed information will be separated by the black frame in the middle.

The price of approximately 750 euro (that makes around 1100 US dollars) sounds steep but keep in mind that this is the first netbook of its kind and being unique comes at a price. We expected it to hit the shelves in Japan by the end of the year.



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