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The iPhone 5 and its A6 processor crush the competition at JavaScript performance

We already know that Apple spent quite a lot of time building the ARM-based A6 processor that powers the iPhone 5. It turns out the Cupertino-based company did a great job and its smartphone did pretty in GeekBenchmark, and now we learn that it absolutely smoked the competition when it comes to JavaScript benchmarking.

AnandTech has managed to run the SunSpider benchmark on the iPhone 5 and the results, is the best we have seen from a mobile browser so far.

The iPhone 5 manages to beat even the recently announced RAZR i and Galaxy Note II, the former being powered by the powerful Intel Atom Medfield chip clocked at 2GH and the latter having the new Jelly Bean JavaScript engine. As AnandTech points out, the reason for A6′s supremacy is due to issues in the A9′s memory interface.

We’ll be able to give you more information about the performance of the mysterious A6 chip once we get hold of an iPhone 5 unit and do a proper review.

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