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The Galaxy Tab 7.7 torn apart officially by Samsung

After Samsung tore apart the Galaxy Note in its official blog, it’s now the Galaxy Tab 7.7 turn.

As usual, there are detailed descriptions of all the important parts and chips – the screen, panels, cameras, chipset modules, sensors, battery, etc.

If you’re curious what Samsung has to say about these components, just head over to the source link.

Here is the first picture showing the screen and what’s below it.

The motherboard with the Exynos chipset, the flash memory module and the 3G/LTE modem (note this is the LTE version of the Tab 7.7).

This one shows the camera modules, the speakers’ board and the connectivity port and the ambient light sensor.

Finally, here is the Tab 7.7 battery. We did our own battery test on the EU version of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 which you can see here, alongside our in-depth review.



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