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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 battery life test complete, results come up good

Since we got our hands on the Galaxy Tab 7.7 we were eager to do our battery tests. We were pretty curious to find how the first Super AMOLED Plus-touting display fares, compared to its LCD rivals. Coming with a 5100mAh battery the Tab 7.7 has a theoretical advantage over the 7-inch Samsung slates, but it also has a larger screen with more pixels to power.

So, we did what we usually do – 3G talk, web browsing and video playback tests and we are now ready to share the results with you.

According to Samsung’s official data the Galaxy Tab 7.7 should endure just 20h of 3G talk time on a charge, but oddly enough, our Tab 7.7 did much better – 25 hours and 45 minutes.



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