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The Android-powered gadgets number 200 million, over 550 thousand get activated each day

At yesterday’s Google Music event, Google gave a quick update about Android activations – over 550,000 droids get activated each day and their total number is 200 million (it was 190 million a month ago).

But is the number of activations per day tapering off? The quoted numbers make it seem like it is.

The Q2 report released in July stated there were a total of 135 million droids with 550 thousand getting activated each day. And according to yesterday’s numbers, the number activations per day is at a level similar to that of several months ago.

Not that Google has anything to worry about – since May, the number of Android phones have doubled (from 100M to 200M). Maybe we’re just expecting too much, but the number of activations did go from 500 thousand to 550 thousand in just a couple of weeks in Q2, so we thought the number would be much higher by now.

Still, we’re eager to see the Q4 report – that should give us a more definitive look into Android’s stats.



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