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The AL13 is a high quality aluminum bumper for the iPhone 5 that’s getting Kickstarter funding

With iPhone 5′s aluminum body and redesigned antenna layout, Apple didn’t see the need to make a new bumper for its latest flagship smartphone. However, a small company called Designed by m took it upon itself to fill the void and created the AL13.

The bumper is made of ultra-thin aerospace aluminum and manufactured with chamfered edges; the same sort that the iPhone 5 boasts. It weighs just 16 grams, so it won’t be turning your slim and light iPhone into something hard to carry around.

Check out the introductory video of the AL13 bumper and see its makers reveal all details about the product.

The case will be available in red, gray, black and special Kickstarter green for early backers. Keep in mind that the AL13 will reduce your signal by 5-10%, so it’s probably not recommended to those who live in areas with spotty coverage.

For a limited time only, the AL13 iPhone 5 bumper sells at $45 a pop, a special price for early Kickstarter backers. When it starts selling in April this year, the regular price of the bumper will be $80.

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