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Symantec: 1000 fraudulent apps submitted to the Google Play Store in August alone

A recently published report by software security company Symantec shows that August has seen a peak of fraudulent apps for Android being submitted to the Google Play Store.

In fact, close to 1,000 scam apps have been published in August alone, which in total have been downloaded “at least” 8,500 times as per Google Play’s own statistic. However, Symantec says that this number is actually close to 10,000 as the statistics aren’t always showing the latest data.

Symantec says that nearly 2,500 one-click spam apps have been submitted to the Play Store from the beginning of 2013. Unfortunately, security specialists say that they aren’t witnessing this trend of slowing down, not even slightly. The average life of one such app is usually one night before they are removed from the store.

“The scammers routinely publish apps every single afternoon, perhaps as they end their working day in the office,” the report points out. Check out the source link below to see a detailed explanation of how you can recognize a fraudulent Android app and how they work.

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