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‘Super Hexagon’ creator makes a ‘Flappy Bird’ fan game

Terry Cavanagh, creator of the ridiculously difficult and addictive Super Hexagon, has created a Flash-based fan game called Maverick Bird as a tribute to Flappy Bird, which after a bout of tremendous popularity, was pulled off the stores by the developer.

Since this is the developer of Super Hexagon we are talking about here, the game features the same flashing colors and basic geometric shapes, bass-heavy EDM and a steep learning curve. In fact, this game is even more difficult than Flappy Bird, and that’s saying something.

There is no bird in this game despite the name and you just navigate a cube through ridiculously designed levels, using only the arrow keys to jump. The environment is procedurally generated and unlike Flappy Bird, there is no one fixed shape here to avoid, which means it’s way, way more difficult as you never know what could be coming at you next.

If you have a penchant of such frustratingly difficult games, then you can find Maverick Bird in the link below. Let’s hope this gets ported over to the mobile platform.

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