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Speaktoit Assistant gets a major update, a Premium version for the really cool features

Speaktoit Assistant, or just Assistant, is one of the most popular virtual personal assistants for Android out there and today it has received a major update full of cool new features.

The app’s briefing mode can now not only read the latest news to you, but also tell you which of your Facebook friends have a birthday today. You can also assign your friends different nicknames, so you are not tied up on always saying their full names when you need to contact them. That always felt weird, too, so it’s good that there’s a workaround now.

The changelog continues with the addition of support for German and the usual bugfixes and performance improvements.

Along with that in its latest version, the Speaktoit Assistant also starts offering paid Premium accounts, though an in-app purchase. The Premium account lets you teach your Assistant commands that it can assign to its existing features. For example, you can make your assistant launch the camera app whenever you say ‘Cheese’.

Going premium will also get you access to a range of paid voices both male and female, use all of the Assistant’s services and features without a limit of the requests and gets you priority support if you run into problems.

Speaktoit Assistant Premium will cost you $2/month and is the first of the major virtual personal assistant apps out there to take this route. The company also plans to bring this business model to its apps on iOS and Windows Phone.

For now, though, you can get the latest version for Android in the Play Store following the source link below.



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