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Sony Xperia Z video camera’s low-light performance compared to the Galaxy Note 2 and Nexus 4

The hotly anticipated flagship device from Sony has been the spotlight for all the good reasons lately. First it was the Sony Xperia Z’s camera burst mode that impressed and now, the smartphone’s video recording has been compared to that of Galaxy Note 2 and Nexus 4 in a video.

In a video taken in the dark hours, Sony Xperia Z’s camera tends to consistently resolve more detail than the Galaxy Note 2 and the Nexus 4. Its autofocus tends to hunt quite more than the other two, resulting in the occasional out of focus frames, but it doesn’t seem too bad. The video also switches audio between the smartphones and compares the audio quality between the heavyweights, although it’s hard to judge which one has the advantage there.

The video also shows what the HDR mode of the Xperia Z can do, but since low-light is not where that feature gets to shine, its performance is hardly what you’d call impressive.

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