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Sony SmartWatch 2 gets a major update

Today Sony’s latest smartwatch offering, the SmartWatch 2, received a major firmware update.

The new update brings with it a few new features as well as some stability improvements. Many of the SmartWatch 2′s app “Smart extensions”, like the Camera smart extension, have also received updates.

Some highlights of the update include:

  • New Watch faces including digital clock with date
  • The back light will now adapt to lighting conditions
  • Stopwatch app
  • Optional larger fonts
  • Expanded Bluetooth and vibration menu.
  • Notifications can now be deleted with one swipe

Once the 1.0.B.3.46/1.0.A.3.8 firmware is available in your area, you should receive an update notification through your smartphone.

To find out more about the Sony SmartWatch 2, check out our review.



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