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Sony will not support PlayStation Mobile past Android 4.4.2

PlayStation on Android is dead, practically dead anyway. Sony has just announced that PlayStation Mobile will not be supported on Android versions 4.4.3 and newer. The game store and the games themselves will continue to work but Sony doesn’t guarantee they’ll continue to work if you update past 4.4.2.

The company states that it will move its focus to the PS Vita and PS Vita TV, where the game store will live on.

This move means the end of PlayStation Certified devices. Sony managed to get a few partners on board – HTC, Asus and Wikipad – but it never seemed to achieve much success with PlayStation Mobile.

Sony’s failure to take lead in Android gaming is baffling, especially considering how strong the PlayStation 4 is doing in the console market. Anyway, the ghost of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play can finally be put to rest.

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