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So you think your iPhone has a killer screen? Check THIS out!

We have a little something that we’re working on right now and we just couldn’t keep it all to ourselves. It’s a phone with a screen so gorgeous that it easily puts to shame the current best. Blacks are immensely deep, the colors are vivid and the viewing angles are mind-boggling. Here’s it compared to the iPhone 3G (both screens set at maximum brightness):

We can’t tell you what phone it is just yet but it surely has one hell of a display. We haven’t seen anything like that.

Update: that’s actually the Samsung Wave display up there. You can check our full preview of the thing here here.

For the more inquisitive among you, we’ve got to point out that this shot hasn’t undergone any digital manipulation. The display performance of the newcomer is equally impressive under direct sunlight.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to keep silent on the identity of the phone for now as it should be announced at the MWC 2010 – the events starts on the 15 February and you can bet we’ll be there on location covering the latest and greatest.


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