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Siri graduates out of Beta after nearly two years in existence

It has been nearly two years since Apple debuted its virtual personal assistant Siri on the iPhone 4S and ever since the service has been labeled as Beta. As of September 18 that’ll be no more and Siri will finally enter its first final version.

Apple’s official rollout of the final version of iOS 7 also marks Siri’s update for all devices that support it. Siri’s graduation marks a new look inspired by the major redesign of iOS 7. Gone are the fancy graphics and in is a more flat, organized way of displaying information. This also includes the new audio waves design feature indicating Siri is operational.

Apple’s requirements for running the latest version of Siri haven’t changed. The personal voice assistant is supported by the iPhone 4s or later, iPad with Retina display, iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation); Internet access is also required.

In addition to the polished interface, Siri sports support for new services that provide answers to your questions (Twitter, Wikipedia, Bing). It can also control your iDevice (increase brightness, turn on Bluetooth) and it offers a new, more life-like voice (both female and male) for English, French and German.

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