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New Nexus 7 sign-up page appears in many countries

Google recently launched its second-generation Nexus 7 tablet and the slate is already available in Google Play Store and several other major retailers across the United States. Google did not announce the launch date of its Nexus 7 2 for other countries, but now the sign-up page of next-gen affordable tablets have appeared in many countries.

It looks like the new Nexus 7 will next hit the stores of UK, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Spain, Canada, France, Australia and India. However, according to few retailer listings, the new Nexus 7 would only be available in mid-September.

The Google registration page for the new Nexus 7 allows you to sign up, so as to know when you can get your latest Google Nexus 7 tablet on your local Play Store or at a retailer near you.

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