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Samsung sets up a dedicated patent company in the US under the ownership of its Display division

Samsung has decided to invest further in defending itself against patent infringement cases as well as protecting its already existing patents by establishing a dedicated patent firm in the US.

More specifically, Samsung Display has created a company called Intellectual Keystone Technology (IKT), which specializes in intellectual property and is based in Washington D.C., USA. To set up the patent-related business up, Samsung Display has invested $25 million back in March.

However, defending from Apple’s constant attacks isn’t going to be the main focus of IKT. Here are a company spokesperson’s thoughts on the newly founded company.

Samsung recently established IKT. Patents are a good source of innovation and we also need to protect our intellectual property by strengthening our patent-related business. Companies should be paying licensing fees for patents. We are paying to platform providers such as Microsoft in return for using their patents. IKT will be tasked to find out which patents are helpful and valued for Samsung.

He also confirmed that IKT bought OLED and LCD display-related patents from the Japan-based firm Seiko Epson on April 30, but other details weren’t provided.

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