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Samsung releases a teaser video for CES 2013, leaves us wondering what to expect

Samsung loves to release teaser videos before major announcement events, and CES 2013 is no different. The company has launched an 18-second trailer entitled “Get Ready”, which aims to get you excited about what’ll be in store for you.

The event will take place from January 8 through 13 in Las Vegas and will be a playground for all major companies to show their latest tech to the world.

Here’s the teaser in question, which sadly, isn’t as exciting as you’d hope for.

We can speculate all day what Sammy may be up to, from flexible OLED displays to a whole new line-up of Smart TVs. I guess we’ll have to just patiently wait and see. Naturally, we’ll be on site bringing you timely updates on whatever Samsung decides to throw our way.

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