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Samsung NX-300M mirrorless camera runs Tizen, new OS features revealed

At the Tizen OS Developer Summit in Seoul, Samsung’s executive vice president Jong-Deok Choi revealed that the company’s NX-300M mirrorless camera actually runs Tizen. The camera has been on sale for a month now, but Samsung is just now breaking the news.

Moreover, at the summit Samsung also announced some of the major new features that’ll be coming with Tizen 3.0. The major ones are the updated Core and ToolChain of the OS, as well as the support for 64-bit processors. As you can see from the image below, Samsung states Tizen 3.0 supports IA and ARM chips, while the 64-bit support will have a positive impact on performance and bring larger memory address space.

Among the new features are also a new 3D user interface framework, WayLand based compositor and the ability to run HTML5 applications thanks to the Crosswalk runtime platform.

And if that wasn’t enough, Nokia boasted on its Twitter account that it will be bringing its HERE Maps service to Tizen. This further drives Tizen away from Google’s services and shows the Koreans are trying to an alternative to Android rather than aiming to recreate it under another platform.

Tizen 3.0 will be ready for showtime in Q3 of 2014, so by then we would hopefully hear more regarding the first official smartphone to run the OS.

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