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Samsung launches a new version of S Health app to take advantage of the Galaxy S4 sensors

The Galaxy S4 has no shortage of cool new features, but undoubtedly one of the most interesting among them is the updated version of the S Health app the company launched last year.

In its latest version, S Health will be taking advantage of the specialized sensors found in the Galaxy S4, namely the built-in pedometer, temperature and humidity sensors.

The app shows you the number of steps you’ve taken, features calorie counters (for both the foods you eat and the energy you spend moving around) and measures the ambient temperature and humidity in the environment you are in. There’s also support for blood pressure monitors and glucose meters (if you get those accessories).

To show just how health-oriented Samsung is with the Galaxy S4, the company has also launched the S Band. It’s a pedometer bracelet, which counts your steps and syncs with the S Health app. It’s meant to be used for those occasions when you’re running and don’t feel like taking the S4 with you.



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