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iSupply: Samsung is the second biggest chip maker in Q1, 2013, Intel sits on top

According to a report filed by market information provider iSupply, Samsung is breathing down Intel’s neck in the semiconductor market race in the first quarter of 2013 with 10.5% market share. Intel controls 15.1% if the chip market.

For the January-March period, Samsung’s recorded $7.77 billion in sales, while Intel sales totalled $11.16 billion. Qualcomm is third with 5.3% market share and $3.92 billion in revenue, followed by Toshiba with a 4% share, which translates to $2.93 billion.

In comparison, Q4 2012 was a bit more successful for Samsung taking 11.1% of the global chip market. Still, the Q1 performance of the Korean giant is better than its 2012 average (10.3% share) and its 2011 result (9.2% market share).

As far as the memory chip market is concerned, Samsung sits on top with a healthy 33.3% market share generating $4.72 billion in sales, followed by SK hynix who held 17.4% of the market.

Not to be confused with the chip market, the system semiconductor picture (more commonly known as system-on-a-chip) was a different story. There Intel holds the first spot with a little over 20% market share ($10.82 billion), followed by Qualcomm with 7.3% ($3.91 billion) and Samsung which has 5% ($2.67 billion).



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