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Samsung Galaxy Tab on preorder at Carphone Warehouse UK for 530 pounds contract-free

We’ve known for a while that the Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab was going on sale in the UK on November 1 but the Carphone Warehouse already has it on preorder for those that absolutely must have it first.

Would it surprise you if I told you it costs exactly as much as a 16GB 3G iPad? Well, OK it’s 0.99 pounds more expensive – you can preorder the Samsung Galaxy Tab contract-free for 529.99 pounds (606 euro or 840 US dollars).

You can get it on a 30 day rolling contract for 499.99 pounds – for 10 pounds a month you get 1GB of data and the first month is free. Still, this is better than some of the other preorders. Vodafone Spain go as low as 150 euro for an 18 month contract.



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