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Samsung Galaxy S4 cases by Cygnett hands-on

Being one of the fastest growing designers and makers of mobile accessories, Cygnett naturally released a range of Samsung Galaxy S4 cases. Created in Australia, Cygnett products aim to bring design flare and substance into one package – enough to get me curious enough to want to spend time with them.

With tens of millions Samsung Galaxy S4 units expected to be sold, it is hardly a surprise that there’s an overwhelming amount of cases available for the Korean smartphone flagship. Starting with the offerings by Cygnett, I will try and cover some of the notable players in this field, worthy of your attention.

Out of the several Cygnett cases I spent quality time with, I found myself reaching most often for the UrbanShield brushed aluminum case. The cover adds a welcome dash of real aluminum to Samsung Galaxy S4, while keeping the handset’s slim profile fairly intact.

Cygnett UrbanShield brushed aluminum case live photos

The Cygnett UrbanShield aluminum case is available in two color schemes for $29.99. I highly recommend it, as long as you are not the type who drops their phone often. The case is designed to handle light scratches, not serious drops.

In case you are accident prone, the Cygnett WorkMate Evolution and FitGrip cases will help your cause. The WorkMate evolution covers all the Galaxy S4’s edges. It even protrudes a couple of millimeters above the display to protect it in case the phone hits the ground face first.

Cygnett WorkMate Evolution case live photos

The FitGrip case on the other hand, as its name suggest, is designed to prevent you from dropping your Galaxy S4 in the first place. The case’s design and overall construction add considerable bulk to the smartphone, but make it feel reassuring when in hand. The overall protection the FitGrip case provides, while not as impressive as the one its WorkMate counterpart provides, leaves nothing to frown at.

Cygnett FitGrip case live photos

The duo of rugged Cygnett cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in a variety of colors for $29.99.

The Cygnett FlipFiber Grey case is one of the manufacturer’s several variations on a flip case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The case, as its name suggests, is finished in soft-feeling fiber which feels pleasant. The Cygnett offering is not magnetic as the original flip case for the Galaxy S4. It makes up for it by adding a small pocket for an ID or a credit card, as well as snapping on directly to the smartphone without the need to remove its back cover.

Cygnett FlipFiber Grey case live photos

The FlipFiber Grey case is priced at $34.99. Cygnett offers several other flip cases for the Galaxy S4, priced in the same ballpark.

The Cygnett Form and Feel cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 offer no-nonsense basic protection for the smartphone, while keeping its slim line as open as possible. Available with gloss or matte finish in a variety of colors, the Form and Feel cases will keep you Galaxy S4 from accidental scratches, but not much else – two of the phone’s edges are out in the open, so if you drop it, don’t expect it to walk away unscathed.

Cygnett Form and Feel cases live photos

The Cygnett Form and Feel cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 are priced at $19.99. Considering what the duo offers, unless you are obsessed with having your case as slim as possible, I would recommend that you spend an extra few bucks for another member of the Cygnett range.

Each of the Cygnett cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes in an eco-friendly package, bundled with an easy to apply screen protector and a cleaning cloth. There’s nothing left to be desired on this instance.

Overall, the Cygnett range of cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 looks and feels as premium as any of the big names in the industry. They are certainly worth a long look if your budget allows it. You can see the entire range over here.


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