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Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo gain turn-by-turn navigation

Turn-by-turn navigation is one of the best things to have when exploring a city, but constantly looking at your phone while walking is hardly ideal. Well, now that the guys from Symphony Teleca have brough the feature to your Gear 2-touting wrist, you no longer have to.

In March the same company brought its TurnByTurn app to the original Galaxy Gear and now it has managed to port it to its Tizen-powered successors. And despite the change of platform the app has retained the same core functionality.

TurnByTurn draws its map data from Nokia’s HERE Maps and you need to plan the route on your smartphone after which you can slip it in your pocket and rely on your smart wearable to show you the way.

The app is already available in the Samsung Apps repository, but not all countries have access to it just yet.



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