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Samsung does a teardown of the Galaxy Note II, tells us all about its internals

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is one of the most feature-packed devices on the market right now, but have you ever wondered what components are used to make all of those features work? Well, Samsung has torn the device down, giving us an idea of what things do and it’s coincidentally a good opportunity for it to remind you how awesome the Note II is.

First there’s the beautifully arranged collage of all the components, followed by detailed description of each of them. For example, you can see what the digitizer that detects the S Pen at a distance looks like.

And here go the individual components.

A while back there was a video of a Sony engineer who took apart an Xperia Tablet S and then put it back together. I wonder if we can have a teardown competition with engineers from different companies competing who can take apart and rebuild their gadget first.

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