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Remote control your Samsung HDTV with the official app for the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab

Samsung just released the promised HDTV remote control application for its high-end Android devices – the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab.

The app requires Android 2.1 Eclair and either the Galaxy S or Tab need to be hooked up on the same wireless network as the TV set. Yeah, you need one of those connected HDTV sets. Here are some screenshots of the two apps.

As you can probably see, the application supports the full array of buttons over multiple screens. It also packs a QWERTY keyboard for those tricky places when one is needed.

Officially the app supports the C650 or the C6500 LCD and plasma based TV set. None of the 2011 models have been included in the list, but most mid and high-end models with Sammy’s Smart TV platform should do the trick.



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