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Radionomy buys Winamp And Shoutcast music services

AOL would have shut down the Winamp music player, as previously announced, but the company has received an offer to sell the now dead software and has accepted it.

The offer comes from online radio aggregator company Radionomy and the sum it payed to acquire Winamp as well as the Shoutcast music services is undisclosed. The company, which is based in Brussels, Belgium will add Shoutcast’s list of 50,000 online radios to its existing portfolio of 6,000.

At this point in time, there’s no information whether Radionomy plans to continue developing and distributing Winamp as a standalone music player. Neither AOL nor Radionomy have gone forward to share what’s going to happen to the player.

There’s some speculation going on that Winamp and its underlying technology will be put to good use in commercial environment, as one of Radionomy’s investor is a company called MusicMatic. It specializes in developing audio and video experiences for stores, so who knows where you might catch a glimpse of Winamp next.



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