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PlayBook accumulates $458 million loss for RIM in Q3

RIM is going to take a massive hit because of its Playbook tablet. The Canadian-based company is going to lose around $458 million in its fiscal quarter due to lots and lots of unsold Playbook units just lying around in the company’s inventory.

The charge the company is taking is mostly non-cash, but nevertheless its projection for earnings and revenue until the end of the year have lowered.

In the first quarter of the year when the Playbook was launched, RIM shipped 500,000 units, with 250,000 and 100,000 in the second and third quarters respectively. Unfortunately, many other devices remained gathering dust on the warehouse shelves instead in the hands of consumers.

Maybe RIM should make a daring move like HP did on the TouchPad. Would you then get one and what price you think is reasonable for RIM to ask for the tablet?
They recently had a temporary price cut down to $200 in the US but now the prices are back up again.

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