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‘PhoneLocator Pro’ for Android app review

Lately our smartphones have become one of our most precious possessions, partly because they store so much of our private data but also because they are usually quite expensive. That’s why theft is as great a worry as it ever was, while misplacement is quite the nuisance. Luckily we’ve got remote management and phone tracking apps to help us in these times of distress. Recently, Google has also recognized the importance of remote tracking our smartphones and has delivered its first attempt in the category.

PhoneLocator Pro is one of the most functional `third-party application for the Android platform, that helps you track and remotely manage your smartphones. Today, we will take a look at the features and the functionality of the app to see if it’s worth your cash.

PhoneLocator Pro
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Key Features:

With PhoneLocator Pro, you can track your phone’s position and manage them with a set of security features. A computer with an active internet connection or a cell phone, which can send text messages, is what you need to start tracking your device.

When the app is launched for the very first time, it allows you to set a web interface account, which can be used to monitor your smartphone whenever you need it. You are further required to tune few settings, according to your preferences and that’s it, you are done with your part.

PhoneLocator Pro now allows you to trace your smartphone on Google maps, and learn about its traveled distance. The app also takes a picture from the front-facing camera of the device when there are unsuccessful unlock attempt and the image is sent to your email address immediately.

The best part of the app is its audio recording capabilities. The “record audio” feature records the sound in the vicinity from the device’s microphone and again, the file with the recording is sent to your preferred email within a few seconds. This unique feature can be initiated from the web interface and our tests revealed that the recordings were of pretty high quality.

The list of useful features with PhoneLocator just continues with its lock and unlock with Wi-Fi option. It allows you to keep your smartphone unlocked on known Wi-Fi networks (of course you need to feed your networks to the app before it starts functioning), and will immediately lock the device once you leave the network.

The SIM card swap protection option is another cool feature of the app. Once a SIM card is registered with the app, this feature will prevent unauthorized SIM changes and will lock your smartphone as soon as the registered SIM is removed.

PhoneLocator Pro also has the ability to auto enable the GPS, whenever required to get the accurate positioning and the location of the device. However, this feature is limited to experienced users with rooted phones.

Lastly, the PhoneLocator Pro app can be hidden from the app drawer, so that no one knows about your secret security guard. You can also retrieve the app as and when you require, using a few pre-set codes or commands.


If you are worried about your expensive smartphone being lost or stolen, then PhoneLocator Pro is just the app that needs to be installed on our device. The app is a great choice as far as security is concerned, but works nicely as phone tracker and phone finder too.

The app works reliably anytime and anywhere in the world. And, the host of the features PhoneLocator Pro offer is hardly matched by any other app in the market.

Since, the app runs in the background most of the time, it does take its toll on the battery, but it is overshadowed by the fact that the app secures your smartphone all the time. To send the commands from the web interface and to communicate with the app, the device needs to have an active internet connection. And we did notice that the app consumes a lot of data while communicating with the web interface and also when the audio recorded, image files are being sent to our address.

All in all, PhoneLocator Pro is one of the best and most accurate tracking applications available for Android devices. Install the app and don’t worry about your smartphone being lost or stolen ever again.

Rating: 9/10
Pro: Host of useful features, flexible; app management with web interface as well as by text messages.
Cons:Fairly high data consumption, strain on the battery.

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