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Pebble releases beta appstore for Android

Pebble’s appstore is live since yesterday but was an iOS exclusive up until now.

The Android version was said to be coming shortly and we got to see a screenshot of it but now Pebble is releasing its beta version for those most eager among you. The appstore is available for everyone to try, but is primarily intended for Android developers.

Along with access to Pebble-compatible apps the appstore comes with some issues, as the beta name suggests. The pairing process has some issues and Pebble devs recommend pairing through the Bluetooth settings on your phone first. Configuring apps won’t be available if those are running on the Pebble so you’d need to close them first.

Installing apps cannot be done unless you press the Load button on your phone. Android developers will need to disable/uncheck “Limit Background Processes” and “Don’t Keep Activities”.

Head on over to the source link below to download the beta appstore.



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