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Opera Mini reaches 100 million monthly users, handles 2 billion page views per day

Opera just announced reaching 100 monthly million mobile users… again. But this time it’s all about the smallest Opera browser of the bunch, Opera Mini. The diminutive web browser also serves a gargantuan number of page views per day – as much as 2 billion.

Opera’s CEO reportedly said “Sweet!” upon hearing the news. Sweet it is, we can confirm…

Last month when Opera Mini and Opera Mobile reached 105 million users, Mobile accounted for 15 million of those. Now, Mini’s users alone are above 100 mil having grown by about 11 million since last month and doubling the numbers of February last year.

I wonder if the new Opera Mini 6 has something to do with that. Anyway, Opera Mini on all platforms (and there are a lot of supported platforms) handles 2 billion page views a day, double from what it did back in July 2010.

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