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OpenSignal report visualises Android’s fragmentation

Developers of the OpenSignal app for Android have used their vast user base to measure the level of fragmentation of Google’s mobile operating system. This year, more than 682,000 devices have been surveyed, almost 11,868 of which were distinct Android devices.

In comparison, in 2012 OpenSignal’s report saw just 3,997 distinct Android devices. Those are huge numbers for sure, and they also make for some interesting revelations. One of them is that a 47.5% of the devices are Samsung-made, which is no surprise considering the company’s recent performances.

Sony-Ericsson devices are following Samsung’s lead with 6.5% market share, followed by Motorola and HTC with 4.2% and 3.9% market shares, respectively.

As far as individual devices are concerned, the report’s charts points out that the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note II are the top dogs with biggest market share. Following them are the Samsung Galaxy Y and the Samsung Galaxy S4 (I9505).

Eight Android software versions have been detected by the survey including the already ancient 1.6 Donut. The latest release of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean hasn’t been included in the report, as it was announced just last week.

Naturally, the comparison between iOS and Android is inevitable. If we discard iOS 7 marking it as an yet unfinished product, then currently the company has the iOS 6, iOS 5 and a negligible percent of earlier versions in the hands of customers. From the pie chart comparison below, you can clearly see Android’s case – with devices running 1.6 Donut and 3.2 Honeycomb slowly but surely heading to extinction, there are 6 major Android versions that are currently available.

The report also contains information from 3,41 million OpenSignal users regarding their phone’s physical screen size. There, things really go out of control, which is why Android developers are very conscious of their user interfaces, as they have to work on a plethora of different screen sizes. You can check out the remaining charts by following the source link below.



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