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OnePlus launches limited edition DR-1 drone for $20

After teasing a new game changer product last week, OnePlus has finally introduced the OnePlus DR-1 drone today. What may appear to be a well fabricated prank, is actually true. The Chinese startup intends to sell limited units of this remote controlled drone.

The tiny limited edition DR-1 drone weighs only 15 grams and is just 2.75 inches wide. It has a 4-axis flaps which can be maneuvered using a joystick-like remote control. Also, the controller joystick offers two flight mode settings for letting the drone adapt whenever switching between them.

The DR-1 packs a 3.7V Lithium-Polymer battery with 100 mAh capacity which takes about 20 minutes to charge over USB and delivers 5-8 minutes of flight time. The retail package will include four additional blades, USB cable and a user manual. Check out the impressive DR-1 introduction video.

New OnePlus DR-1 drone limited edition are available for $20 from the official website.



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