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Nokia X gets first vanilla Android ROM

Nokia X owners can now enjoy its first custom ROM based on the Android Open Source Project. Up until now, you could only root and sideload Google apps, including the Play Store, but now you can run a vanilla Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean altogether.

The build packs Qualcomm specific optimizations and is based on Code Aurora branch jb_rel_2.0.3. It comes from the XDA senior member dhacker29, who previously ported AOSP to the Moto G.

Interestingly, quite a lot of features are working including network connectivity, FM radio, dual-SIM support and even the camera. This has earned the build to be labeled as stable, but the one and only navigation key of the Nokia X has made it quite difficult to navigate around the OS.

As a result, the there’s a second build with a software navigation bar, which makes the phone a bit more comfortable to use. Follow to the source link below to see install instructions and learn more about the ROM.

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