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Nokia HERE Maps launches globally for Windows 8.1

Nokia made its HERE Maps apps for Windows 8.1 available all around the world earlier today. As part of the wider release, the company has also included a bunch of cool updates to the app.

Highlights include manual location settings, new City page design, and a weather forecast feature.

HERE Maps now supports manual location set. It’s located under the settings menu and allows you to switch between manual and automatic positioning. The City pages features a new design, which should help you easily catch relevant information and push you to explore more than before, complete with a detailed weather forecast.

There’s also a more extended control over routes as the app now supports selecting/de-selecting modes of transport, in case you want to avoid travelling in a ferry, for instance. Adding waypoints to the route is now possible, too.

Check out the source link below to add the HERE Maps app to your Windows 8.1 system.

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