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Nokia Lumia 920 image sensor pictured, sized up against the 808 PureView

A reporter of Hungarian tech site MobilPort was able to obtain a Nokia Lumia 920 camera module while over at the Carl Zeiss booth at Photokina 2012.

It turns out that there were some other interesting pieces of imaging tech and able at the booth and we got some photos of the Lumia 920 camera next to the monstrous sensor inside the Nokia 808 PureView and theN93 one.

Here are the images worth seeing. The Nokia Lumia 920 camera offers real-time optical image stabilization, which sounds quite exciting and is one of the reasons behind its bulky camera module. The N93 camera offers optical zoom, while the 808 PureView is just plain high on pixels.

808 PureView sensor • 808 PureView lens & sensor, Lumia 920 camera module • N93 camera module, 808 PureView module and Lumia 920 module

Here’s hoping we get to play around a little more with the Nokia Lumia 920 soon and share our own thoughts on camera quality and performance.

Thanks, Zeban Tamrian for the tip!



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