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Nokia Lumia 900 costs $217 to make, thanks its cost-reduced design

The materials for Nokia’s flagship and blockbuster Lumia 900 cost $209, according to iSuppli’s preliminary teardown assessment.

That, iSuppli reckons, is a result of the Lumia 900′s cost-reduced design and the close cooperation between Microsoft, Qualcomm and Nokia, which mimics Apple’s approach to device development.

Including the manufacturing cost, the Lumia 900′s total cost rises to $217. This is a significantly lower than the $243.50 that the similarly-spec’d Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket costs to make.

And if you take the retail price of the Lumia 900, which as of April 2012 is $450, Nokia and Microsoft earn $233 for of each Lumia 900 sold. Of course, this doesn’t include additional expenses like software, royalties, licensing, taxes etc.



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