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Nokia Lumia 800 gets frozen in a block of ice, lives to tell the story [VIDEO]

The extra mile Nokia is going to promote their fresh out of the factory Lumia phones is simply amazing. Their latest attempt to promote their Windows Phone 7 running Lumia smartphones includes some bizarre ingredients.

A Nokia Lumia 800? Check. A massive, solid, heavy block of ice? Check. A twist? Check. Let the fun begin. As you may have figured it out by now, Nokia Germany has put a Lumia 800 device into a solid block of ice as part of their Amazing Everyday campaign. Then they’ve put it on the street and let the surprising sight gather the crowds.

But you see, there’s a twist. Whoever manages to fight their way through the ice and sets the Lumia 800 free wins it for themselves. And here’s a video of people’s attempts.

So, what do you think of it? Would you welcome more marketing stunts like this?

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