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Nokia devs create a Parrot AR.Drone control app for Symbian^3, show off on video

Some guys over at Nokia Denmark have freed the Parrot AR.Drone from its iOS shackles and have written a control app for Symbian^3 devices (the Nokia N8, E7, C7, C6-01).

The app lets you fly the AR.Drone by using on screen controls and the phone’s accelerometer…

The AR.Drone app for Symbian^3 supports all the drone’s features. You have an on-screen joystick to rotate the drone and you can control its movements by tilting the phone.

Parrot AR.Drone controlled with Symbian^3 NokiaParrot AR.Drone controlled with Symbian^3 Nokia
The AR.Drone app for Symbian • Check out the picture-in-picture mode

The app displays the video feed from the AR.Drone – you can view the front or bottom camera or both in picture-in-picture mode. There’s a take-off/landing button along with emergency and reset buttons in case something goes wrong.

Here’s a 6 minute long demo video:

The app was written in Qt (Nokia is pretty proud of the platform’s flexibility) and you can check out the source if you want.

Anyway, you can grab the AR.Drone app for Symbian^3 from here. The Parrot AR.Drone itself costs $300 (or £300/€300… yeah, buying the drone in currencies other than $$$ is not fair).



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