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Nokia 808 PureView used to replace a professional cinema camera, does an amazing job

We already know the Nokia 808 PureView has an amazing camera. It even managed to beat a micro four-thirds camera in our blind test from a while ago. We are still blown by the result of the experiment by the Swedish video professional Christopher Westerholm, who gave the cameraphone a even more advanced task – replacing a cinematic camera.

He ended up with an impressive 120-second video showcasing what the Nokia 808 PureView is capable of when in the hands of a someone who knows what he’s doing.

Check the test footage Christopher made for an upcoming project of his. Make sure you watch it in full HD.

Here’s how the Swede got these amazing shots.

I did a “Flat picture” profile in the phone by dialing down contrast, saturation and sharpness and underexposed some of the scenes to protect highlights. I also used a mattebox, and 4’4 polarizing, and for some of the brighter scenes a 4’4 ND filter 0.9. I later upscaled the footage in premiere pro to later crop it for 1:2.35 aspect ratio. I color-corrected quite heavily, because I think I pushed the contrast a little bit to much so it all looked very flat.

Impressive indeed and I can’t wait for him to publish the full video of his project once it’s ready.

Thank you, Christopher, for sending this in!


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