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Next Apple iOS, OS X update to pack Spock’s Vulcan salute emoji

Leonard Nimoy, popularly known as Spock from the space fiction movie series Star Trek, passed away on February 27 and made the character Spock immortal. Even Apple is preparing to pay homage to Nimoy and Spock with a new Star Trek themed Spock emoji for OS X and iOS.

Often referred casually as the Spock sign but actually the Vulcan salute, it has been adapted form Jewish heritage. The famous words “Live Long and Prosper” were widely used with the hand gesture and Nimoy continued to use it even on his Twitter account.

The Spock or Vulcan salute emoji is currently part of the beta versions of the Mac OS X and iOS updates being tested by the developers. This development happens after Apple gets pulled for testing racially diverse emojis in the beta builds.. This Star Trek can be expected to be available natively for the Mac OS X 10.10.3 Yosemite and iOS 8.3 whenever available publicly.

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