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New Max Payne 3 trailer is out, reveals the game’s storyline

Rockstar has launched the second official Max Payne 3 trailer, which reveals a bit more about the storyline in the game. Until now the game studio only revealed a bit of the gameplay of the action title.

If you remember, in the first two parts of Max Payne, he was looking for the people who murdered his family, and he finally had his sweet revenge. Now, the story is quite different, but it could still prove very interesting.

Here’s the story in short in Rockstar’s words:

The second official trailer for Max Payne 3 reveals the web of intrigue that builds around Max, beginning with the kidnapping of Rodrigo Branco’s beautiful young wife, Fabiana, while under Max’s protection. As Max fights to uncover the truth behind the kidnapping, he is pulled deeper into a web of violence and deception with little hope of escape as street gangs, paramilitary forces and elite police units fight for power and influence over the streets of São Paulo, Brazil.

Sounds intriguing to me. And, knowing the Rockstar Studio usual practices, the game will be a joy to play too. Max Payne is currently available for pre-order and is expected to hit your PC or console of choice on May 15.


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