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New BlackBerry logos replace old RIM logos on the company’s offices

RIM renamed itself to BlackBerry during its BlackBerry 10 OS launch. The re-branding was pretty quick and the new logos of the company are already up on its offices.

RIM, which was named way back in 1984, when the company was started by Mike Lazaridis and Doug Fregin was renamed as a part of the major changes the company is undergoing. The Canadian company was one of the top brands in 2008, but had some horrid time in the market in the past few years and let its smartphone sales fall significantly. The new branding is supposed to mark the start of the fightback.

The old RIM logos were replaced by the new BlackBerry boarding’s overnight and the logos are changed throughout the company. The new branding hasn’t changed much of the company’s fortunes yet as the company’s stock was down 7% in pre-Market trading due to the delay in the launch of its latest smartphone in the US.

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