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Navifirm+ workaround lets users download using caches despite closure

Yesterday, Nokia finally went through with its long-coming plan to disallow unauthorized users to download from their online repository for firmware updates, Navifirm+.

It has since been revealed that users who retained their Navifirm+ caches are still able to download updates from the repository.

If you’re unfamiliar with Navifirm+, it was an online resource which allowed users to download updates for Symbian and later Windows Phone handsets, sometimes even before official release.

Despite the official restriction by Nokia, if you still have your Naviform+ cache intact, you can still get access, and the good news is you can pop in cache backups from other people. For how long, however, is anyone’s guess, but in the meanwhile, make a copy of your Naviform+ 1.7 ‘cache’ folder, and check out this thread.



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