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Native Google Maps app for iOS getting closer to release, WSJ reports

We’ve all heard the rumors that Google is working on a native third-party version of Google Maps for iOS 6.x devices. It seems there has been lots of substance to these rumors, as reportedly, the app has already been distributed for testing to interested parties outside Google’s labs.

According to “a person with direct knowledge of the matter”, who spoke to Wall Street Journal, Google is already putting the finishing touches on the app and should be ready to submit it for approval to the Apple’s AppStore sooner rather than later.

In response to WSJ’s inquiry, an Apple spokesperson said they cannot comment on apps, which have not yet been submitted.

With iOS 6.0 Apple revamped the native Maps app, which was previously based on Google Maps, and replaced the back-end with their own. The bold move however was everything but a success for Apple and it was pressed to issue a public apology for the deficiencies of the home-brewed app.

For a while Google looked content with leaving Apple sweat over its decision. But now it seems it’s ready to use the situation to its own advantage by publishing a native Google Maps of its own, complete with turn-by-turn navigation.

Nokia announced similar plans quite recently too.

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