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Mozilla spills some details on its upcoming mobile OS

It’s no secret that Mozilla has been working on a mobile OS since the summer, but now the developers have actually something real to talk about and not just plans.

The web based operating system will carry the name Boot 2 Gecko and you can see early sketches of parts of the interface. Currently, Mozilla devs are testing proprietary, single-vendor stacks with new APIs for camera, SMS and telephone capabilties and more being built.

As you can see from the draft above, the UI ideas so far aren’t drastic at all. One of the most interesting one is to hold-and-swipe an icon to start the app itself, like on HTC Sense 3.5 lockscreen. Another feature worth mentioning is the ability to have either physical or software buttons for variety of actions like for example a menu or back buttons.

That’s about as much info as we could get right now, but in the past Mozilla have mentioned that the Boot 2 Gecko mobile OS is going to be HTML5 based and will use Android’s kernel for booting and utilizing drivers.

The Mozilla developers’ team are working hard to release a prototype demo of the B2G OS by the end of the year. I can’t wait what they’ll come up with!



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