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Motorola Xoom gets a pre-order price in the UK and Germany

The Motorola Xoom is the epitomy of the Android Honeycomb tablet and it launched quite recently so it’s only natural that it gets a lot of media attention. The latest news is that the device just got a price tag and a pre-order option in the UK and a coming soon price-tag for T-Mobile Germany.

In the UK the Xoom will be available some time in this or the next month, for the asking price of £449.99, courtesy of PC World. This price is for the Wi-Fi only Motorola Xoom, the 32GB version, and it amounts to about $730, which is not that bad in European terms, really. What’s more the Xoom is less expensive than its direct competitor the iPad 32GB Wi-Fi, by as much as £60.

For the Xoom to succeed in the market (as with all Android 3.0 Honeycomb slates) it will have to win the competition with the iPad. This will be no easy task, as the Apple tablet has a whole year ahead of the Xoom – and Apple is announcing its next generation slate tomorrow at an event in San Francisco.

But back to the Xoom, it’s also headed for T-Mobile Germany. The telecom promises to have it on the shelves in the end of April, but at the steep price of €699.95 or $968. Sure this is the 3G-enabled version we’re talking about, but still – it’s a serious asking price. The deal is, T-Mobile get to be the exclusive operator to offer the Motorola Xoom for 3 months, after which other carriers should get the same chance. And hopefully bring the prices down a notch.

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