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Moto X is $140 cheaper for one day only

It might be April Fools’ Day today, but this is no joke. Motorola has decided to run another price-cutting promo for the Moto X on this occasion, and you’re now able to save $140 if you purchase the device.

It normally starts at $499.99, but if you order one now it will start at $359.99. Obviously we’re talking about buying the Moto X off-contract, as the promo sadly isn’t valid if you get it with a long-term carrier agreement.

To take advantage of the deal, you need to go here and use the MotoMaker service to build your very own Moto X. Keep in mind that the offer expires on April 2 at 10:59 AM CT, so you now have less than 24 hours to do the deed. Oh, and you can additionally get 30% off accessories bought alongside the smartphone too. To top everything off, you get free shipping as well. As you may have imagined though, all of this is US-only, as many such deals unfortunately are.



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